Workshops 2018

07. 09. - 11. 09. 2018 Minnar Martinez
03. 11. - 07. 11. 2018 Annette Hartwig 

Workshop mit Minnar Martinez



WooHo, vom 7.9. - 11.9.18  bekommen wir zum zweiten mal Besuch aus Florida. Minnar Martinez hat seine Flüge gebucht und kommt uns für einen 5-Tages Workshop besuchen. (Alle Klassen werden auf Englisch unterrichtet!)

Es werden 5 spannende Tage, gefüllt mit viel Wissen und Inspiration. Also jede Menge Input für unseren Yogaweg. 

Eine wunderbare Möglichkeit tiefer Einzutauchen in die Welt des Yogas.

Für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet.

Frühbucher bis zum 31.8.18

Da der Workshop systematisch aufgebaut ist, empfehlen wir euch an allen Sessions teilzunehmen.

Ansonsten gibt es aber auch für euch die Möglichkeit, einzelne Klassen zu buchen. 

Die Übersicht der Preise und Zeiten findet Ihr hier im Aushang

Und hier ist das Anmeldeformular.

Übersicht der einzelnen Klassen: 

Friday 7.9. Hip opening workshop 6-8pm 

Join this challenging but rewarding session where you will learn how to properly release the hips to be able to access many different postures from lotus to full split.

The class, which is open to all levels, will show the participants the fundamental aspects of hip opening, how to properly release the hip joints for deep asanas like splits and legs behind the head, and how to place the legs in lotus without putting the knees at risk.

We will build up slowly from a solid foundation based on proper alignment and work through a progression of posses that will allow us to safely enter very challenging asanas as well as help us reset the hips back to their correct anatomical position.

This practice will definitely improve your posture and body awareness and bring many benefits to your everyday life.

Come learn some tricks for your hips and have a great time.

Saturday 8.9. Guided Ashtanga, Primary Series 8-10am

Saturday 8.9. Conscious nutrition & biohacking 12-2:30pm

In this very detailed session the participants will learn what eating strategies are more suitable for maintaining a consistent and healthy yoga practice. We will explore the biology of the human body and link it to the strategies utilized by the yogis in India before the advancements of the developed world to improve their health.

Students will learn the different types of fuel that humans can utilize, the scientific benefits of fasting, and recommendations for establishing a healthy diet based on the particular goals and preferences of each participant.

Saturday 8.9. Arm balance workshop 3:30-5:30pm

In this fun and challenging session we will analyze the key components for balancing a variety of postures on the hands and forearms.

The workshop is open to all levels, and it will show the participants the basic principles of inversions, how to build a proper foundation, as well as tips for more advanced variations of arm balances.

The class will also include a good amount of dynamic transitions that will allow both new and experienced practitioners to test and develop their mobility capabilities.

Come defeat the fear of being on your hands and push the limits of your practice.

Sunday 9.9. Mysore Style Ashtanga 8-10am

Sunday 9.9. Breathe your way to health 12-2pm

This very complete workshop combines modern scientific knowledge with the yogic tradition of breathing practices, and explains the relationship between them, as well as the health benefits that come as a result of practicing these techniques.

Topics include, why and how to practice Pranayama and it's basic elements, CO2 and the benefits of good oxygenation, heart rate variability and its importance, Nitric Oxide (NO) and vasodilation, proper breathing for everyday life, and more.

Monday 10.9. Mysore Style Ashtanga 8-10am

Tuesday 11.9. Guided Ashtanga, Primary Series 8-10am


About Mínnar...

Mínnar Martínez has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for 10 years. He found yoga after experiencing a severe motorcycle accident at the age of 23. Mínnar's dedication and hard work have allowed him to progress from a prognosis of never walking unassisted again, to now be learning the Advanced A (3rd) Series of the Ashtanga method. For the past 8 years, he has been completely committed to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, traveling all over the world in pursuit of his passion while maintaining a disciplined and dedicated personal practice.

He has practiced under some of the best students in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition including David Swenson, David Williams, David Keil, David Robson, Kino MacGregor, Baptiste Marceau, amongst others.

In 2009, Mínnar completed his first teacher training with Michael Gannon, long time student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois founder of the Ashtanga method.

Additionally, he has studied in India with great teachers such as Sharath Rangaswamy, Lino Miele and Rolf Naujokat.

Andrey Lappa, yoga scholar and master, has also had a strong influence on him.

In addition, he has the Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) designation from Yoga Alliance.

Mínnar's goal as a teacher has always been to emulate those who have helped him heal his body. He accomplishes this through a unique ability to push his students to their limit with compassion and empathy, never letting them cheat themselves. He adapts every class to the needs of his students, while respecting the traditional ways of Ashtanga that shape his practice.

Nothing inspires Mínnar more than the yoga he lives by and practices every day.